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How should we choose the best kitchen trash cans?

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How should we choose the best kitchen trash cans?

Kitchen trash cans aren`t something you think about until they`re overflowing or breaking. If you`re not sure where to start your search, we`ve got answers to common questions.



Q1. How big should a Kitchen Trash Can be?

Trash Can size depends on the size of the kitchen, the size of your family, and where the trash can will be used. Most single or two-person homes can get by with a 10-gallon Trash Bin or smaller. Undercabinet models can run as small as holding only 2 or 3 gallons. The average Garbage Can typically has a 13-gallon capacity, which is enough for a family of four to six. Larger families, busy kitchens, or small businesses might want to go higher capacity with a 20- to 23-gallon model.


Q2. How do you keep a kitchen Garbage Bin from sliding on the floor?

Look for a trash can with rubber grips, feet, or other stabilizing mechanisms on the bottom. These mechanisms help hold the can in place while in use.


Q3. Where does the dustbin go in the kitchen?

Trash cans can go anywhere you want them to. Under the sink, in the pantry, in the utility room, or next to the island are common places based on different kitchen layouts. Ideally, the trash can is somewhere that`s easily accessible but out of the way or hidden from general foot traffic.


Q4. How do you hide trash cans in the kitchen?

Using an undercabinet model is the most popular way to hide the Trash Can. However, these are fairly limited in size. Built-in trash can drawers hide the trash can in the cabinetry, helping it blend into the rest of the cabinets.


Q5. What do you clean a Kitchen Trash Can with?

Kitchen trash cans can begin to look and smell foul. The choice of cleaning material or method for cleaning a trash can depends on the materials. Plastic models and liners clean easily with warm water and soap. Stainless steel trash cans will look clean and bright with a cleaner designed specifically for stainless steel.