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Stainless Steel Trash Can With Lid For Different Situations

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stainless steel trash can
stainless steel trash can

Stainless Steel Trash Can With Lid For Different Situations

The capacity of a Trash Can determines the space that it occupies. Also trash can with different sizes fit different situations and users’ needs. For example, the standard size of the Garbage Can is 13 gallon which is suitable for kitchen. But 7 to 10 gallon is better if the trash can you are going to purchase is used in bedroom or bathroom.

Trash can can be made of stainless steel, plastic, etc. But we strongly recommend the stainless steel one which is easy to clean and match with different home style. If the outside of the Garbage Bin gets some dirt spots, please get a damped cloth to wipe it out.

Sometimes, trash can with dual compartments facilitates our recycle work. We can drop the trash to the related compartment accordingly without preparing another trash can for the recycle work. This kind of trash can is especially fit for kitchen where we may create different types of kitchen waste.

Even trash can with lid, we could find different closure methods like open top, step-on pedal, and with sensor. According to many users’ options, trash can with step-on pedal or motion sensor is welcomed especially when it is applied to kitchen and bathroom. If your hands hold the kitchen waste and you do not want to touch the lid to throw them because you need to process the reset of the steps for the dishes, Waste Bin with step-on pedal or motion sensor can set you free from such kind of embrrassed situation. You can open the trash can by foot or just with a motion without touching the lid with hand. As a result, we believe trash can with motion sensor or step-on pedal would be a better choice.